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United Nations

The UN delegates platform

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Date2020 - Currently

e-deleGATE+ is a platform for the UN delegates, that lets the diplomats manage their missions and various meetings held in UN headquarters (for example, the General Assembly)

The challenge

When our client reached us, they were looking for a complex solution that would provide a centralized place for UN delegates to manage the participants of UN meetings and storage of various data that could either be related to the already mentioned various meetings or be public and available to each diplomat. Besides that, there are a lot of restrictions on such a platform, and the existing permissions mechanism needed to be upgraded.

However, the main focus was on the optimization of the existing algorithms to improve the overall performance.

The solution

We implemented multiple optimizations for the existing platform

The main goal we have had so far was to optimize all aspects of the platform. UN development team had a long list of technologies they wanted to start using, so we have implemented the whole AWS infrastructure for deployment, security, and other features. The list includes:

  • a number of Virtual Private Clouds;
  • Elastic Beanstalk;
  • Dedicated cloud machines;
  • ElasticSearch;
  • Cognito;

We also picked up such technologies as Redis ( for caching data ), Winston ( to improve logging ), and Gitlab CI/CD ( for an easier deployment ).

And lastly, we have fixed a number of complicated bugs all over the platform, improving the overall User Experience.

The done

The current platform has already improved a lot.

  • The current restrictions algorithm is safer due to the bug fixes.
  • The meetings management features were fixed.
  • The platform currently supports uploading/updating of documents (.pdf, .doc, .xlxs, csv) related to UN workflow, sharing and reading them.
  • The technical support of the platform became much easier: the permissions update is much more comfortable, logging has improved by far, various development processes were optimized, and work with cache became much easier.

We keep working on this project, improving and scaling it on a daily basis.

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