NEXTUP - Slack Jira integration, an AI-powered project manager


Nextup is a Slack Jira integration designed to save time, increase productivity, and foster effective communication in teams.

Nextup’s team came up with their idea when they first tried Slack. Surprised to learn that integration to Jira was not available, they decided to build an integration they could use themselves. After they built the product, they thought other teams might want to use it, and released a public beta. 

In March 2017 they came out of beta, and today they have teams all over the world using the product and telling how they love using it.

The needed

Nextup hired us to scale their development resources. They needed a flexible and smart bot for managing meetings. Also, there were plenty of tasks connected to their existing products’ development.

Generally, the goals were to increase their team’s throughput, integrating us, and to launch a new product.

Currently, we are contributing the Node.js development support to an ongoing application build.

We were aiming to deliver an application within our schedule with code quality that met our requirements.

- Nick Cron, CO-founder and CEO of Nextup

The done

  • refactored the previous code 
  • developed the Jira-integration bot for Slack
  • launched Morgan: a meeting organizer bot for Slack
  • launched HelpDesk+: a workplace productivity manager bot for Slack 
  • developed the internal administrative panel
  • integrated several 3rd party APIs
  • ensured the project launching without issues

LTD FIVEWALLS has established smooth cooperation and displayed exceptional responsiveness. Their dedication to timelines and quality are also noteworthy

- Nick Cron, CO-founder and CEO of Nextup

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