NeuroFlash - Marketing tool: backend dashboard development

NeuroFlash is a cloud-based content creator that helps marketers, journalists, PR-managers, etc discover the words associated with their brand on the web. Started in Germany and working worldwide, NeuroFlash’s team helps brands understand their audience without asking personally and doing endless manual research. They use customer insights to improve brand perception and image.

Moving away from focus groups and online surveys to AI, NeuroFlash gives an ability of truly agile content testing. Users can compare any type of content (claims, headlines, email subject lines) to figure out how to get attention to their product.

As a startup, it’s nice to collaborate with people willing to go into uncharted territory.

- Manager of NeuroFlash

The needed

As a startup, NeuroFlash desired to collaborate with a team willing to go into uncharted territory.

They needed backend development support through scripts and programming. It was necessary to connect the service made for users with the developers team, so they needed an implementation of back-office management tools.

The done

  • backend dashboard developed
  • payment system implemented (Stripe integration)
  • Bitrix integrated
  • Slack integrated
  • constant back-office API management and errors mitigation in the production system

LTD FIVEWALLS delivers programming work quickly without sacrificing quality. Their clear communication, planning, and flexibility stand out when it comes to challenges.

- Manager of NeuroFlash

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